Dr. Jeffrey Rouse

Slow Wave Institute of New Orleans


Jeffrey Rouse, MD, is the founder of The Slow Wave Institute of New Orleans and has over 21 years of psychiatry experience in New Orleans, after graduating from Duke University and Georgetown University School of Medicine.

In Spyre, Dr. Rouse as well as his wife, Fay Kimbrell, LMSW, of Momentum Coaching and Counseling utilize the powerful Slow Wave technology. This new wellness device employs intelligent patterns of pulsed pressure waves traveling along and through the body which “shake out the stress of life” to reveal a relaxed body and a clear mind. The device offers users deeply relaxing experiences using a complex, shifting, and enjoyable pattern of vibrations along the back and legs. These patterns communicate with the autonomic nervous system, promoting an optimal balance of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. Addressing this foundation of general wellness in this novel way can have cascading effects on both physical and mental wellbeing.

As one local physician described it after her first 30-minute journey: “The Slow Wave affords an accelerated pathway to hyper-relaxation. It provides a decadent experience of quiet, weightlessness, and peaceful contentment that is not achievable through meditation alone, followed by an endorphin high that lasts for hours after the journey. A groundbreaking innovation, the Slow Wave is a powerful game-changer in our future understanding in addressing stress-related physical and mental conditions.”

He and wife, Fay, both grew up in New Orleans and appreciate the deep cultural and familial roots of the city. The couple lives with their youngest daughter, dog, and cat, and they have a son and older daughter who are both off to college. The Tree of Life in Audubon Park is a favorite local place to recharge and reconnect for the family. 

Healing Modalities
  • Slow Wave System
    A novel somatic technology offered in partnership with Cofactor Systems in Santa Barbara, California. The Slow Wave System device uses complex vibrational patterns and breathwork to deliver deep stress relief, autonomic nervous system rebalancing, and profound relaxation. 

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