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Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic Floor Therapy is extremely useful in the treatment of incontinence, postpartum muscle trauma regeneration, and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Unfortunately, PFT is a topic less discussed because of the personal nature of vaginal and anal discomfort or dysfunction.

As these muscles are integral to supporting the body, problems stemming from the pelvic floor can lead to everything from lower back and hip pain to constipation and painful intercourse. Knowledge and depth of this field has expanded greatly in recent years, giving professional Pelvic Floor Therapists the ability to truly help those suffering in their daily lives with weak or compromised pelvic muscles. Accurately diagnosing the root of the cause of any issues and developing therapies and treatments to address these vital players in the body’s foundational support can greatly reduce the client’s discomfort and related emotional distress..


  • Lauren Shepley

    Lauren Shepley

    Physical Therapist

    Lauren Shepley of Life Cycles Physical Therapy offers a whole-body integrative approach to treating physical dysfunction and promoting wellness. She specializes in pelvic floor therapy, visceral manipulation, and craniosacral therapy. Lauren’s evaluations and treatments center around listening to the tissues of the body in order to determine and address the root cause of dysfunction and enhance the body’s innate healing process.

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