Dr. Maysa Alavi, MD

Dr. Maysa Alavi

Integrative Medicine Physician


Maysa Alavi, MD is a board-certified physician and nationally recognized practitioner in psychedelic therapies and integrative medicine, uniting cutting-edge Western science with Eastern wellness philosophies to heal both mind and body. She has studied at best-in-class institutions and organizations including The University of Southern California, University of Texas, UCLA, Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and COMPASS Pathways. She is currently serving as a study-site physician and therapist for the MAPS phase 3 clinical trial investigating the use of MDMA assisted therapy for the treatment of PTSD.

She humanizes health care by developing trusted personal relationships with her clients, empowering them to understand the root causes of their dis-ease and helping them connect with their own “inner healing intelligence” for long-term wellness. This goes above and beyond typical “symptom management medicine” by identifying and bringing awareness to the issue’s origin and its perpetuating and mediating factors.

Dr. Maysa specializes in the groundbreaking field of psychedelic assisted therapies including Ketamine administration and infusions to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, addictions, substance use disorders, migraines, pain and other conditions. She helps clients prepare for and integrate their psychedelic experiences for lasting benefits, while supporting them through whatever arises in their sessions. Dr. Maysa works with clients to develop balanced healing plans that combine psychedelic therapies and genomic analysis with wellness approaches that nurture mental, spiritual, and emotional health like breathwork, meditation, yoga, stress reduction, nutrition, guided visualizations and sleep optimization. She is certified to offer IV infusions to help clients quickly restore symbiosis within the body and further applies her in-depth knowledge of traditional and indigenous plant medicines by advising clients on the safe and appropriate usage of marijuana, entheogens and other “mind-manifesting” medicines.

Dr. Maysa lives in Mid-City by City Park with her husband and daughter. She enjoys biking along the coast; running marathons, painting, music, going to the beach and visiting nearby City Park.

Healing Modalities

Patients benefit from her Western medical training in addition to a versatile toolbox of healing modalities including:

  • Ketamine Infusions
    A series of infusions for the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction and other emotional conditions, as well as for neuronal genesis. 
  • Integrative Medicine
    A whole-person healing approach using targeted modalities from Eastern and Western traditions for treatment including nutrition, activity, sleep, stress reduction and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Functional Medicine
    Organizes the body into “functions” (like energy, detoxification, transportation, etc) that are evaluated by detailed history taking and physical exam as well as cutting-edge labs (micronutrient testing, genomic analysis, microbiome testing, urinary hormone testing, etc) to create a customized recommendations and targeted treatment. Recommendations may include integrative and lifestyle treatments, as well as herbs, adaptogens, and or supplements. 
  • IV Therapy
    IV drips for hydration, beauty, detox and more. 
  • Plant Medicine
    Herbal teas for organ and digestive cleansing, wellbeing and balancing.
  • Cleanses and Liver + Gallbladder Flushes
    To improve digestion and total body health.
  • Indigenous Medicine
    Learn about a number of medicines used by Indigenous peoples, such as Kambo, a purgative medicine from the Amazon, Sananga eye drops for improved internal and external vision, and Hape for grounding and breath control. 
  • Breathwork
    Achieve deep healing and psychedelic states using the breath in a guided session.
  • Meditation and Guided Visualizations
    Utilize the power of visualization to craft the well-being and personality (personal reality) you desire. Learn to control the mind-chatter for a life of presence.
  • Yoga
    Physical yogas (Kundalini, Prenatal, Hatha) and spiritual and devotional yogas (Kirtan).
  • Reiki
    A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional balance and well-being.
  • Hormone Balancing
    Precision Urine hormone testing and targeted, natural hormone balancing.
  • Gut-Brain-Biome Balancing
    Allergen and microbiome testing, as well as repair and rebalancing of the digestive system.
  • Pharmaceutical Consults
    Get help to safely wean off pharmaceutical and prescription drugs.
  • Supplement Consults
    Targeted recommendations and safe use are key in the unregulated supplement industry.
  • Medical Cannabis Consults
    Learn if medical Cannabis may benefit you, be evaluated for a recommendation.
  • MDMA Assisted Therapy
    Available for those who qualify for the MAPS clinical trial investigating the use of MDMA Assisted therapy for the treatment of PTSD.
  • Psychedelic Consults
    Dr. Maysa educates clients about mushrooms and other psychedelic medicines to help them determine how and if they might help. She advises clients on how to prepare for medicine journeys* to help you ensure your safety and tips for integrating the experience successfully in order to make the most of your “trip.”

*These healing journeys are not conducted at Spyre.

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