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Mental Health

Achieving and maintaining strong mental wellbeing is one of the great challenges for human beings. Fortunately, there are many therapies available to restore, rebuild and consistently strengthen our mental health.

Various forms of talk therapy, use of pharmaceuticals, and ancient plant medicine are revolutionizing the comprehensive way that doctors and practitioners can treat mental health clients. By offering an array of specialized treatments, we can see what works best for each client and what will sustain them long-term. 


  • Anikó Gréger

    Integrative Pediatrician and Postpartum Consultant

    Dr. Anikó Gréger is an Integrative Pediatrician and Postpartum Consultant who completed University of Arizona’s fellowship in Integrative Medicine and Tulane University and Ochsner Medical Center’s Pediatric residency program, where she served as Chief Resident. She is double board certified in both Pediatrics and Integrative Medicine and is trained in Perinatal Mental Health.

  • Dodie Powers

    Dodie Powers

    Social Worker

    Dodie Powers is a licensed clinical social worker providing individual and group therapy for young adults experiencing stressors due to life transitions, parents navigating life as a parent, and parents contemplating or undergoing fertility treatment. It is Dodie’s goal to utilize a confidential and supportive space for her clients to address their needs and live their best life. 

  • Dr. Kendall Genre

    Dr. Kendall Genre


    Dr. Kendall Genre is a board certified psychiatrist treating adults with mood, attention and anxiety disorders. Some special areas of emphasis in her practice include treatment in pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause and handling challenges posed by life transitions.

  • Dr. Mark Skellie

    Dr. Mark Skellie

    Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. Skellie is a licensed clinical psychologist who focuses on helping individuals with anxiety, trauma, depression, impulse control problems, and chronic illness develop the resiliency to live fuller and more satisfying lives. He is also trained as a therapist for two clinical studies of psychedelic-assisted therapy and is hopeful that this unique type of treatment will become more widely available.

  • Maysa Alavi

    Dr. Maysa Alavi

    Integrative Medicine Physician

    Dr. Maysa Alavi is a board-certified physician and nationally recognized practitioner in Psychedelic Therapies, Ketamine Administration and Integrative Medicine. She unites cutting-edge Western science with Eastern wellness philosophies to heal mind, body and spirit. Dr. Maysa believes that simple changes can often yield meaningful results, incorporating multiple modalities into her practice—from prescribing pharmaceuticals and IV infusions to plant-based medicines and mind-body techniques.

  • Dr. Ray Worthy

    Dr. Ray Worthy

    Psychotherapist + Psychiatrist

    Dr. Ray Worthy is a practicing psychotherapist and psychiatrist whose practice focuses on collaboration with individuals in the treatment, healing and growth opportunities inherent in eating disorders, behavioral and chemical addictive disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as in communication and relationship counseling issues. Dr. Worthy has opened a ketamine assisted therapy (KAT) clinic at Spyre and also serves as the Principal Investigator of the New Orleans site for the MAPS sponsored Phase 3 clinical trials investigating the efficacy of MDMA assisted therapy for the treatment of PTSD.

  • Ginger G. Touzet

    Ginger G. Touzet


    Ginger Touzet is a practicing licensed professional counselor providing psychotherapy for individuals in adolescence into adulthood. She specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. She encourages her clients to find balance and meaning in their lives with a psychodynamic approach to therapy through mindfulness-based techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, and supportive based counseling.

  • Katye Irwin

    Katye Irwin


    Katye Irwin is a licensed counselor that works with clients to gain the necessary skills to cope with the pressures and struggles they are facing day to day through Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

  • Momentum Coaching and Counseling

    Momentum Coaching and Counseling

    Therapy Practice

    Momentum Counseling and Coaching is a therapy practice focused on providing collaborative and creative mental healthcare. Fay Kimbrell, LMSW, Noelle Deltufo, LCSW, and Maxine Kimbrell, LCSW utilize novel somatic technology and believe in a holistic approach to health within a safe, sex positive environment focused on healing and growth.

  • Sarah Zoghbi

    Licensed Professional Counselor

    Sarah Zoghbi is a Licensed Professional Counselor and internationally trained psychotherapist who provides a psychodynamic approach to therapy. Sarah’s practice also incorporates various holistic approaches to facilitate healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Sarah works with her clients to cultivate a trusted significant relationship and safe space to welcome honesty with oneself, illuminate depths of consciousness, and explore new ways of being. Depending on individual needs, clients may utilize any number of the holistic healing modalities that Sarah practices, including ketamine assisted psychotherapy, psychedelic integration therapy, aromatherapy, shamanic journeys, autogenic hypnosis relaxation training, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, naturopathic lifestyle psycho-education and/or expressive arts therapies. 

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