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Structural Integration / Rolfing

A specialized manual therapy  practice which focuses on organizing the structure of our body in  order to optimize its function. Working with various systems of the body, the mechanical stressors causing pain and dysfunction are resolved. In general, a body that is realigned and balanced in gravity,  moves with more ease, comfort, fluidity, efficiency and grace. 

In this deeply therapeutic practice, practitioners work with various systems of the mechanical body to align the structure of the client’s musculoskeletal system to resolve pain or dysfunction. Treating back pain, for example, with a combination of myofascial release, lymphatic massage and palpation, the client can see a difference in just one session. 

By reestablishing the efficacy and grace of the body’s natural state, the natural balance and flow of the systems is restored — optimizing day-to-day functioning and harnessing the body’s innate self-repairing potential. 


  • John deMahy

    John deMahy

    Structural Integration Practitioner

    John deMahy is a graduate of The Osteopathic College of Ontario, The Rolf Institute®, and the Louisiana State University School of Nursing. The majority of deMahy’s clients initially seek relief from back, neck, and hip pain or the effects of trauma. Many later expand their goals to achieve new possibilities in movement and well-being. He’s a recognized leader within the modality, having developed an algorithm to quickly detect and address pain, which he shares with other practitioners across the nation.

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