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IV Therapy + Ketamine Infusions

IV drips provide a wonderful, comprehensive route to infuse nutrients, vitamins, and bio-complex healing into the body for hydration, beauty, detoxification, immune boosting (and a wide array of other specific needs). 

The use of Ketamine Infusions, a series of infusions for the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction and other emotional conditions, as well as for neuronal genesis, is a relatively new modality in the landscape of integrative medicine. Ketamine Infusions have been shown to greatly improve clients’ wellbeing and state of mind over time.


  • Maysa Alavi

    Dr. Maysa Alavi

    Integrative Medicine Physician

    Dr. Maysa Alavi is a board-certified physician and nationally recognized practitioner in Psychedelic Therapies, Ketamine Administration and Integrative Medicine. She unites cutting-edge Western science with Eastern wellness philosophies to heal mind, body and spirit. Dr. Maysa believes that simple changes can often yield meaningful results, incorporating multiple modalities into her practice—from prescribing pharmaceuticals and IV infusions to plant-based medicines and mind-body techniques.

  • Dr. Ray Worthy

    Dr. Ray Worthy

    Psychotherapist + Psychiatrist

    Dr. Ray Worthy is a practicing psychotherapist and psychiatrist whose practice focuses on collaboration with individuals in the treatment, healing and growth opportunities inherent in eating disorders, behavioral and chemical addictive disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as in communication and relationship counseling issues. Dr. Worthy has opened a ketamine assisted therapy (KAT) clinic at Spyre and also serves as the Principal Investigator of the New Orleans site for the MAPS sponsored Phase 3 clinical trials investigating the efficacy of MDMA assisted therapy for the treatment of PTSD.

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