THE Zone

Feel the blissful rush of endorphins — get yourself in The Zone. Some revel breaking from the pack on a Peloton, some relish the steady rhythm of a treadmill run, challenging row, or lap swim. For you, group exercise, lifting weights or a hydrotherapy circuit might be what gets your heartspace pumping. We’re made to move. The way it’s done is up to you.

The Zone
Spyre Zone Pool
The Details


An oasis within the lush courtyard, our fully refurbished, 1,130-square-foot heated saltwater pool features two bookable swim lanes and a therapy bar for in-water rehabilitation and exercise.

Enjoy a quick dip post-workout or partake in a regularly scheduled water aerobics class. Additionally, we offer water therapy by a certified Aquatherics expert. Provided offsite within a saltwater pool maintaining a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, fully relax while being moved (or “floated”) through the water by the practitioner, helping tone, lengthen and stretch the body.

Lap Swim*

Day Pass – Swim Only


Day Pass Swim + Gym


Member Daily Swim


Complimentary Towel

Per Visit

*Lane reserve maximum 60 minutes

Water Aerobics

60-Minute Class


10 Classes


20 Classes


Towel (Members + Day Pass)


Towel Rental


*Can supply your own towel

Aqua Therapy

Off-site private session with a certified therapist

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


Spyre Zone Gym
The Details


Our gym is packed with performance. High-tech, immersive equipment ensures that you sculpt and tone safely, using ergonomically advanced Precor full-body functional training systems and cardio equipment.

The Peloton bike, Concept2 rower and treadmill can all be booked in advance to optimize your workout schedule. You can also round out your routine using accessories like resistance bands and jump ropes, or book a session with our certified personal trainer — experienced in customizing conditioning for everyone from the competitive athlete to the first-time gym goer.


Gym Amenities



Day Pass Unlimited Gym Only


Day Pass Gym + Swim


Complimentary Towel – Per Visit

Bookable Cardio Equipment

Reserve up to 60 min/day max for each cardio


Members + Day Pass



Day Pass







Group Classes

A dynamic range of group fitness classes allow for you to explore multiple ways to move.

The fitness studios feature eco-friendly wood flooring to accommodate joints while infrared panels provide a healthier, radiant heat to help you rev up your core and protect your muscles. Group exercise classes ranging from yoga and qi gong to HIIT training, and mat Pilates are taught by some of New Orleans’ top teachers — including the Saints’ very own yoga instructor. Other classes head to The Nave, where you can dance to a new beat or to the pool where water aerobics increase your heart rate while lowering your impact.

Yoga +

Dance +

Cardio +

+ Breath

All Group

Monthly Class

All Class

Spyre Zone Hot Cold Plunge
The Details


Used individually or as a circuit, hot and cold plunge tank sessions stimulate energy and focus, reset the central nervous system, improve skin’s texture and appearance, boost immunity and promote deep muscle repair.

Going from very warm water to very cold water — from dilated capillaries to blood vessels opening — helps improve circulation and studies show that contrast bathing improved both muscle soreness better than passive resting alone.

Our state-of-the-art Hyoga Cold Plunge Tub maintains temperatures between 42-58 degrees Fahrenheit while the Furo Hot Soaking Tub delivers a Japanese-style onsen experience hovering around 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Water purification systems further optimize this age-old form of detoxification long used to address everything from arthritis pain and inflammation to sleep issues and more.

Hot + Cold Plunge


15-minute session


30-minute session


5 15-minute sessions


10 15-minute sessions


5 30-minute sessions


10 30-minute sessions


15-minute session for 2ppl


30-minute session for 2ppl


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