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Integrative Medicine

A whole-person healing approach using targeted modalities from Eastern and Western traditions for treatment including nutrition, activity, sleep, stress reduction and lifestyle recommendations.

Integrative Medicine strives for whole-person-healing, rather than treating one symptom or one illness at a time. Integrative Practitioners identify ailments or discord in the functioning body by way of cutting-edge lab tests and technologies so that they may effectively utilize more targeted treatments such as herbs, acupuncture, plant medicine, or whatever is needed to create systemic harmony within the body and mind.

Integrating a wide array of proven healing modalities allows the practitioners to make various recommendations, from lab-testing micronutrients in the body to adjusting lifestyle or diet, in order to optimize the overall health of the client. Boosting sleep and nutrient absorption, reducing stress, and customizing a set of personalized treatments, work together to increase the client’s well-being over time. The ultimate goal of harmonizing the whole-body health of the client is what makes Integrative Medicine exciting, effective, and ultimately, transformative.


  • Anikó Gréger

    Integrative Pediatrician and Postpartum Consultant

    Dr. Anikó Gréger is an Integrative Pediatrician and Postpartum Consultant who completed University of Arizona’s fellowship in Integrative Medicine and Tulane University and Ochsner Medical Center’s Pediatric residency program, where she served as Chief Resident. She is double board certified in both Pediatrics and Integrative Medicine and is trained in Perinatal Mental Health.

  • Maysa Alavi

    Dr. Maysa Alavi

    Integrative Medicine Physician

    Dr. Maysa Alavi is a board-certified physician and nationally recognized practitioner in Psychedelic Therapies, Ketamine Administration and Integrative Medicine. She unites cutting-edge Western science with Eastern wellness philosophies to heal mind, body and spirit. Dr. Maysa believes that simple changes can often yield meaningful results, incorporating multiple modalities into her practice—from prescribing pharmaceuticals and IV infusions to plant-based medicines and mind-body techniques.

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