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Bodywork + Energy Healing

Hands on therapy is one of the oldest healing techniques in the history of medicine. Through the ages, various therapies and energetic healing practices have shown, time and time again, the effectiveness of a credentialed practitioner working with a client’s specific diagnosis or needs.

Swedish massage, Reiki, and craniosacral therapies are just a few of the offerings that can relieve pain and unblock stagnant energy in the body and subtle bodies. Releasing toxins through massage, allowing the muscles to relax and realign, the practitioner can significantly aid the client in restoring their bodies to optimal health and performance.




  • Dr. Glick

    Dr. Jared Glick

    Physical Therapist

    Jared Glick of PhysioNOLA is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who helps people stay active without pain medication or surgery. PhysioNOLA provides Primary Care Physical Therapy, meaning that clients usually seek our services before entering the industrial medical system. This reduces your risk of being swept away in excessive tests, invasive treatments, or impersonal PT. Through conversation and assessment, he figures out the source of your pain and immediately works with you to alleviate the issue. 

  • Maysa Alavi

    Dr. Maysa Alavi

    Integrative Medicine Physician

    Dr. Maysa Alavi is a board-certified physician and nationally recognized practitioner in Psychedelic Therapies, Ketamine Administration and Integrative Medicine. She unites cutting-edge Western science with Eastern wellness philosophies to heal mind, body and spirit. Dr. Maysa believes that simple changes can often yield meaningful results, incorporating multiple modalities into her practice—from prescribing pharmaceuticals and IV infusions to plant-based medicines and mind-body techniques.

  • Dr. Scott Roos

    Dr. Scott Roos

    Ayurveda + Yoga Teacher + Energy Worker

    Dr. Scott Roos is a Yoga teacher, energy worker and Ayurveda and Jyotisha practitioner. His private yoga sessions incorporate breathing, meditation and asana to address everything from anxiety and stress to back and neck pain. He also uses an Ayurvedic approach—herbs, diet, lifestyle, and cleansing—for weight management and whole-body wellness. Dr. Scott taps into the wisdom of ancient healing traditions such as Vedic Astrology to unearth patterns of karma, as well as Marma Chikitsa, tapping into subtle energy points to strengthen life force energy.

  • John deMahy

    John deMahy

    Structural Integration Practitioner

    John deMahy is a graduate of The Osteopathic College of Ontario, The Rolf Institute®, and the Louisiana State University School of Nursing. The majority of deMahy’s clients initially seek relief from back, neck, and hip pain or the effects of trauma. Many later expand their goals to achieve new possibilities in movement and well-being. He’s a recognized leader within the modality, having developed an algorithm to quickly detect and address pain, which he shares with other practitioners across the nation.

  • Lauren Shepley

    Lauren Shepley

    Physical Therapist

    Lauren Shepley of Life Cycles Physical Therapy offers a whole-body integrative approach to treating physical dysfunction and promoting wellness. She specializes in pelvic floor therapy, visceral manipulation, and craniosacral therapy. Lauren’s evaluations and treatments center around listening to the tissues of the body in order to determine and address the root cause of dysfunction and enhance the body’s innate healing process.

  • Noell Eanes

    Noell Eanes


    Noell Eanes is consistently ranked among the top acupuncturists in New Orleans. She offers Five Element Acupuncture and Eastern healing techniques (including needle-less Shakuju therapy, cupping, gua sha, meditation, energy work and intuitive guidance) to help create and maintain physical and emotional wellbeing.

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