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Light, Sound + Vibrational Therapy

Our bodies give and receive frequencies all day long. We hear and feel and see and smell frequencies coming from music, television, food, other people, ideas, etc. So, it’s no surprise that the frequencies in our bodies can get out of whack and sometimes be a part of the cause and effect of illness or imbalance. 

Light, sound, and vibrational therapies are designed to rebalance our natural set point. Variations on these treatments such as red light therapy, Biomat therapy, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology, and other somatic devices and practices are true testaments to the power of light, sound, and vibrational healing.


  • Dabney Jacob

    Dabney Jacob

    Light Therapist + Life Coach

    Dabney Jacob, certified light therapist and life coach helps clients to live a more luminous life filled with vibrant health, purpose, and joy. This former teacher guides clients in aligning their thoughts with their inner world. She helps clients implement strategies surrounding fearless communication, self-love, and acceptance into their daily lives and to augment their own healing. Dabney often uses high-tech light, sound and vibrational therapies to augment her coaching sessions such as Red Light technology, the Bemer, Biomat and more. 

  • Dr. Jeffrey Rouse

    Dr. Jeffrey Rouse

    The Slow Wave Institute of New Orleans

    Dr. Jeffrey Rouse of The Slow Wave Institute shares a powerful new wellness innovation. This novel technology delivers intelligent, complex, and enjoyable patterns of vibrations traveling throughout the body to create deep relaxation, calm clarity, autonomic nervous system balance, and cascading effects on physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Dr. Scott Roos

    Dr. Scott Roos

    Ayurveda + Yoga Teacher + Energy Worker

    Dr. Scott Roos is a Yoga teacher, energy worker and Ayurveda and Jyotisha practitioner. His private yoga sessions incorporate breathing, meditation and asana to address everything from anxiety and stress to back and neck pain. He also uses an Ayurvedic approach—herbs, diet, lifestyle, and cleansing—for weight management and whole-body wellness. Dr. Scott taps into the wisdom of ancient healing traditions such as Vedic Astrology to unearth patterns of karma, as well as Marma Chikitsa, tapping into subtle energy points to strengthen life force energy.

  • Momentum Coaching and Counseling

    Momentum Coaching and Counseling

    Therapy Practice

    Momentum Counseling and Coaching is a therapy practice focused on providing collaborative and creative mental healthcare. Fay Kimbrell, LMSW, Noelle Deltufo, LCSW, and Maxine Kimbrell, LCSW utilize novel somatic technology and believe in a holistic approach to health within a safe, sex positive environment focused on healing and growth.

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